Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx – At the Park Law Firm, we are proud to serve Edinburg, Texas, and communities throughout the Rio Grande Valley; from Rio Grande City to South Padre Island. From McAllen to Brownsville and everywhere in between.

As local attorneys, we deeply understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing our communities and are committed to using our legal expertise to help our fellow citizens. We are proud to have served the Edinburgh community for many years and have built a reputation for providing high-quality legal representation and personal attention to our clients.

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

Whether you are dealing with an insurance claim dispute or a legal issue related to personal injury, property damage, or another area of ​​law, you can trust the Palkar Law Firm to provide the skilled legal guidance and representation you need. We are committed to making a positive impact in our communities and helping our fellow citizens receive the justice and fair compensation they deserve.

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At the Palkar Law Firm, we specialize in helping each client recover the maximum insurance claim allowed by law.

“My husband and I are extremely pleased with the Palkar Law Firm. They truly show compassion and concern for their clients.”

At Palka Law Firm, every case matters. Here’s what you can expect once you hire our experienced attorneys to work for you.

To begin working on your case, we first need your permission to get things started. Our staff will thoroughly review our contractual agreement with you, and every case accepted by the Palkar Law Firm is 100% free to begin!

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Our skilled litigation attorneys will prepare your documents, negotiate and argue your case in court, and perform other tasks to obtain the maximum compensation allowed by the law. We will regularly update you on the progress of your case.

All in all, the Palkar Law Firm will work hard to get the compensation you deserve and make you whole. Our fees are deducted from the entire settlement, and at the end of your case you will pay $0 cash for our services!

“We had a very complex insurance claim and Jason was great to work with. It’s great to have him in our corner!”

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

At the Palkar Law Firm, we specialize in recovering the maximum residential or commercial property rights allowed by law for each client.

Car Accident Attorney In Edinburg

At the Palkar Law Firm, we believe every client deserves top-notch representation, whether they live in a big city or in a rural area.

From the beaches of the Rio Grande Valley and Miami to the Lone Star State and the Panhandle of the Sunshine State and everywhere in between, the Park Law Firm has the expertise to represent every town, city and county in Texas and Florida customers’ resources.

Our team of highly trained legal experts are at your service, day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, 365 days a year, giving you peace of mind.

Contact the Palkar Law Firm today for a free case review and learn why more and more clients are working with the fastest-growing litigation firm in the country.

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Jason Paulker and his colleagues have decades of experience and have played an integral role in recovering tens of millions of dollars for clients in Texas and Florida.

The Palkar Law Firm handles property damage insurance claims and personal injury. For property damage claims, our firm specializes in hurricane damage, storm damage, smoke damage, fire damage, hail damage, and burst pipe flood damage claims. For personal injury, our firm specializes in car accidents, commercial truck accidents, slips and falls, and wrongful deaths.

The Palkar Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis, which means our fees are dependent on our ability to recover compensation for your case. Our fees are derived from the total amount we can recover, so if we do not recover for you, you pay nothing on your case. The best news is that your case starts out 100% free with $0 upfront and $0 out of pocket at the end of your case; a win-win for you and us!

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

Scheduling a free consultation with us is the best way to determine if you have a case. We will review your situation and advise you on the best course of action, without any obligation or cost to you. If your case is not being handled by our firm, we will be happy to direct you to another attorney or referral service.

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We serve all of Texas and Florida. With the advent of video conferencing and email, we have all the resources to provide top-notch rights representation to every resident of Texas and Florida.

There is really no timeline for how quickly a case such as a property damage claim or injury claim will be completed. The facts of each case are unique, and factors such as insurance companies can have a significant impact on the time it takes to resolve a case. However, the sooner you hire an attorney to handle your case, the sooner the problem will be resolved.

No appointment required! Please feel free to contact our office, 24/7/365, for a quick, free consultation with our litigation experts.

Most civil cases have a maximum time limit for filing proceedings in court. This is called the “statute of limitations.” Generally speaking, you have two (2) years from the date you were injured or wronged before you will never be able to go to court to seek justice. If you believe you have a case, you should contact an attorney at the Palker Law Firm immediately to ensure there is still time to get the justice you deserve.

Auto Accident Attorney In Edinburg

The Palkar Law Firm is proud to be one of the fastest growing litigation firms in the country. With decades of experience in the legal industry, a team of knowledgeable attorneys, and a dedication to our clients, our resources set us apart from other law firms in Texas and Florida.

“I was so pleased with how quickly Palka Law Firm handled my car accident case. He gave me exactly what I wanted and more!”

Texas and Florida laws give you the opportunity to fully recover losses suffered by insurance companies and companies worth billions of dollars. With multiple office locations throughout Texas and Florida, we pride ourselves on serving and fighting for every client who hires our firm. Please select the office nearest you to find out how Palkar Law Firm can assist you with your case.

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

Rest assured that your case is being handled by award-winning attorneys and staff who take pride in representing clients of all backgrounds and work tirelessly to pursue justice for your rights. When you are looking for an attorney to represent your best interests, it is important to find an honest attorney who treats you as a person and not just another case. Bobby Garcia knows firsthand what it’s like to be mistreated by those in the legal profession, and he is committed to ensuring that people in his community have access to high-quality, affordable legal representation.

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When it comes to a personal injury case or business dispute, the attorney you choose can have a huge impact on the outcome you receive. When you need an attorney who will fight for your rights, you can trust Bobby Garcia.

“My goal at this stage in my life is to really help people. I hope that through this help I can make a difference in some people’s lives.

Bobby Garcia was born in Pharr, Texas, to hard-working parents who passed this virtue on to their children.

Bobby was born and raised in San Juan, Texas, where his father worked for The Coca-Cola Company for 37 years, starting as an assistant truck driver and working his way up to the position of plant manager.

Dr. Garcia’s Gold, Museum Of South Texas History, Edinburg, Tx

While serving in the Korean War, Bobby’s father saw serious action in North Korea. Upon returning to the United States, he served as a member of the American Legion Post No. 37 in McAllen, Texas, serving as chaplain and member of the color guard for many years. He was also a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) No. 8788 of the Rio Grande Valley.

Bobby’s mother was also a Texan, born and raised in Hidalgo County. Her parents were farmers and ranchers who raised cattle half the year in northern Hidalgo County. The other half of the year was spent on a farm near the Rio Grande, where he grew everything from sugar cane to cotton. Bobby’s mother graduated from McAllen High School and then worked for many years at a Kroger concierge booth, raising her four children: Bobby, his brother and sister.

Bobby graduated from McAllen Memorial High School in 1983 after attending Victor Fields Elementary School and Travis Junior High . He then studied economics at the University of Texas at Austin.

Personal Injury Attorney Edinburg Tx

When Bobby sees the law, his dedication to justice and service is ignited

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