Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx – A guiding hand in time indefinite, a guiding hand in unknown times, a guiding hand in unknown times.

Talking about divorce or even just thinking about filing for divorce can be overwhelming. Before you take the next step toward divorce, make sure you know:

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

No two situations are the same and therefore no two divorces are equal. What we tell our clients is that they must be emotionally and physically prepared to go through a very contentious process that can take a year or two. Our law firm is here to guide our clients through the divorce process step by step.

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One of our divorce attorneys will be happy to discuss the specific facts of your situation with you in order to better evaluate a personalized divorce plan. We’ll also learn what to expect during the process, including what court and alternative proceedings will look like.

Jessica Estorga has been a part of the San Antonio community since 2003. Originally from Austin, Ms. Estorga moved to San Antonio to attend Trinity University and study political science and religion. After graduation, she spent a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA member, helping to explore civic engagement and service on college campuses.

While studying law at St.

Ms. Estorga has been honored and recognized for her work in the San Antonio community and legal community, and continues to practice law in and out of the courtroom.

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Matthew Johnson is a member of the law firm Estorga Johnson PLLC. Mr. Johnson graduated from Texas A&M University and Penn State University – Dickinson School of Law. While at Penn State, Johnson developed his legal skills by participating in mock trials and becoming a published member of the Penn State Journal of Law and International Affairs. Mr. Johnson also interned for former 285th District Court Judge Richard Price.

After graduating from law school, Mr. Johnson made San Antonio his home. After serving as general counsel for a San Antonio healthcare company for the past four years, Mr. Johnson joined the law firm of Estorga Johnson PLLC. Mr. Johnson provides experience and expertise in business, healthcare and real estate law, as well as outside general counsel services.

We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. By agreeing to our use of cookies, your information will be aggregated with other user information, renowned San Antonio divorce attorney Deanna L. Whitley opened a San Antonio family law firm. The law firm provides services in divorce, child support, adoption and family law matters.

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

Additionally, Deanna Wheatley’s new firm will handle all family law issues facing the LGBT community in San Antonio. These issues include same-sex adoption, same-sex estate planning and probate. Those in need of such legal services can learn more at Whitley Law Firm. by visiting the company’s new website.

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“As the focus on same-sex issues increases, there is a real need for legislation to ensure that the interests of children of same-sex couples are protected and guaranteed to the same extent as all children,” Whitley said. “My hope is that through creative litigation, I can provide these children with equal protection under the laws of Texas.”

Although Texas does not currently recognize same-sex divorce, the Wheatley Law Firm can provide legal services regarding post-computer agreements. This is to ensure that assets accumulated during the marriage are protected and protected, as well as any child support issues.

“As a family lawyer in San Antonio, my job is to protect all families. Not just married couples.

Witley is known for his creative litigation strategies in and out of the courtroom. He has earned a solid and reputable reputation as one of the best divorce attorneys in San Antonio today. Since 2008, he has been named “Best Lawyers in San Antonio: Family Law” every year.

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If you would like to learn more about the Whitley Law Firm, P.C. or advice, contact Jennifer Espronceda, a San Antonio child support attorney who helps San Antonio families create, implement and modify child support payments that respect their current financial situation, while focusing on what’s best for the children.

Child support in Texas is based on statutory guidelines and established formulas. You can use the Texas Attorney General’s monthly child support calculator as a guide to determine how much you are entitled to. Although all Texas law is complex, there are key factors to consider.

Child support is not set aside and can often be adjusted if financial, living or family circumstances change. The Texas Attorney General’s website describes the child support modification process and how to qualify for modification.

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

If the order was last created or changed more than three years ago, you can review your payment plan. A lot can change in three years, and it never hurts to review the order to see if any changes have occurred.

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If the current amount of child support payments changes by 20% or $100 according to the child support guidelines, consider the change. For example, let’s say your monthly income at the time of the order was $3,600 and you pay $1,080 in child support for three children. However, you’ve recently been laid off and need to take a position that pays significantly less than $2,800 per month. Based on standard child support calculations, this will reduce child support payments by several hundred dollars and allow for review and possible modification.

The actual amount of child support is calculated based on the debtor’s net income and the number of children supported.

When calculating net income, a percentage based on the number of children supported is applied.

For example, if your net monthly income after deductions is $2,300 and you have two children to support, your child support would be $2,300, or $575.

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Ultimately, courts have the discretion to determine child support amounts, but these guidelines and calculations are usually followed.

Finally, you may be entitled to a modification if there has been a substantial or substantial change in circumstances since the child support was awarded. A material or substantial change may be:

A lawyer can make sure that the fee increase is financially reasonable and meets the needs of the children.

Divorce Attorneys San Antonio Tx

Usually, a CSRP is scheduled for both parents to meet and discuss the terms of the modification they agree to. If no agreement is reached, a hearing will be scheduled and the judge will make a new decision. However, a San Antonio child support attorney can represent you, speak for you, and help you negotiate a fair settlement.

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Texas does not take unpaid child support lightly. In fact, Texas receives and collects more child support than any other state. Failure to pay child support can result in withholding of income, withholding of tax returns, suspension of driver’s license, freezing of bank accounts, and even jail time. Our child support support page has important advice on how to make payments.

FPLS is a division of the federal government’s Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Help parents track down state lines so they can be implemented even in difficult situations.

When a child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is later, they are considered an adult and child support is no longer ordered. However, if the non-emergency parent has back payments for overdue payments, he or she must pay the payments until they receive them.

The goal of family law is to do what is best for the child, so financial support and visitation rights are two separate issues. If the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support on time, he or she may retain visitation rights.

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Failure to pay child support carries the most severe penalties under the Family Code. An experienced attorney like Jennifer Espronceda knows how to successfully prosecute child support cases. Jennifer is also experienced in dispute resolution and can help resolve these cases through negotiation before going to trial.

Child custody and family law should always be about what’s best for the children, but the parent’s financial situation is also important. Jennifer Espronceda can help you implement, modify, and negotiate child custody agreements. or $299.

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