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Accident Attorney Austin Texas – Although the number of large truck accidents is low compared to passenger cars, But the proportion of commercial vehicles that result in serious injury or death is very high. Due to the size of a tractor trailer that can hold 80,000 pounds, crash damage is often significant. Each year nearly 4,000 commercial vehicle accidents result in death. And more than 73,000 truck wrecks involve injuries.

Our experienced Austin 18-wheeler attorneys have been helping Texas families obtain maximum compensation after semi-truck collisions for more than three decades. Let our truck accident team work for you! The sooner you hire us, the better. The sooner we can investigate accidents.

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

Texas has the highest percentage of fatal 18-wheeler crashes of any state in the country. Texas has more than 600 deaths and 14,000 injuries in truck accidents in one year. Travis County alone had 17 commercial vehicle fatalities and nearly 598 truck crashes last year.

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Understanding the common causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents in Austin can go a long way in determining liability and seeking compensation. Driver-related factors such as fatigue distraction vehicle maintenance and problems with equipment Often involved in 18 wheeler truck accidents in Austin.

Knowing the true causes of these accidents can help you and your attorney build a stronger case and seek the compensation you deserve.

Driver-related factors can greatly contribute to truck accidents in Austin. For example, fatigue is a common factor. This is because truck drivers often face pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines. This may lead to the rules regarding hours of service being ignored.

Other driver-related factors include distraction. drug use and negligence Being aware of these factors can help your attorney determine whether the driver’s actions contributed to the accident. and make them responsible for their negligence.

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In addition to factors related to the driver Poor vehicle and equipment maintenance issues can also cause accidents involving 18-wheelers. Faulty brakes, worn tires, and other mechanical problems These are all common causes of truck accidents in Austin.

Trucking companies have a responsibility to properly maintain their vehicles. And failure to comply may result in an accident with serious consequences. Common things to look out for include:

Trucking companies can share legal liability with drivers who operate vehicles at work. Trucking companies can also cause accidents if they don’t hire qualified drivers. Follow security policy Properly maintain trucks and trailers or components such as tires and brakes. and violate safety regulations.

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

The aftermath of a truck accident can be incredibly complex. which involves many parties comprehensive investigation and a thorough understanding of specific regulations. This complexity can be even more difficult when dealing with truck accident claims. Especially when there is a car accident as well.

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Victims can greatly benefit from hiring an experienced Austin 18-wheeler accident lawyer. Because it can pave the way for the best possible results. They have the acumen to identify, obtain, evaluate, and use the evidence necessary to prevail in a case.

Building a strong case requires an attorney’s expertise in understanding the federal and state regulations that govern the trucking industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) establishes the safety laws and regulations that govern its operations. of truck drivers and trucking companies

If the lawyer is knowledgeable about these regulations It will allow them to use this information to determine if any rules have been violated. During an accident or not This will help strengthen your case.

This is due to the complex nature of truck accident cases. This involves multiple parties and a comprehensive investigation. The expertise of a truck accident lawyer is therefore indispensable to effectively maneuvering through these complexities. They have handled many complex cases such as:

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Our expertise can advise you on your insurance claim. Payment of medical care and dispute resolution process They provided invaluable advice and support throughout the case.

Compensation for truck accident victims in Austin can include both economic and non-economic damages. Helping you recover from your injury and move forward with your life.

Understanding the Different Types of Compensation And relationships related to your situation are essential to ensuring the support you need for your recovery.

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

Economic damages cover financial losses resulting from an accident, such as medical expenses. loss of income and damage to property These damages can help you pay for necessary medical expenses. Replace lost wages and repair or replace damaged property.

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Working with an experienced attorney can help you accurately calculate and track these economic damages. This will ensure that you receive the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

Non-economic damages compensate victims for intangible losses, such as pain and suffering. emotional suffering and loss of enjoyment in life These damages can be difficult to quantify. But an experienced attorney can help you determine a fair amount based on the extent of your injuries. Impact on daily life and recovery time

Non-economic damages claims can be an important part of a compensation package. This helps you deal with the emotional and psychological effects of the accident.

Trucking companies are known as They are “motor carriers” and are regulated by the federal motor carrier safety regulations. It sets minimum levels of safety behavior for both truck drivers and trucking companies. These federal regulations are implemented in the state of Texas. These safety rules are basic behavior for drivers and motor carriers. And it covers things like driving in adverse conditions. Maintenance requirements Hours a truck driver can legally drive and qualifications of truck drivers

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What to do when injured in a commercial vehicle accident near Austin: 1. Call the police or wait for investigators.

If you can talk to the police officer who is investigating the crash. Be sure to tell the officer your story. Your only chance to talk to staff may be at the hospital. Truck drivers have a great deal of protection in the protection of their commercial driver’s license. and often deny responsibility when accidents occur

Police reports can provide evidence. especially in serious injury accidents This is because officials can rebuild or respond to accidents. Whether the officer’s opinion can be used as evidence and in the truck accident trial is unknown. The officer’s actual observation, such as the scene of the accident, debris, highway markings. as well as witness information, weather conditions, etc., may also be accepted in making a decision.

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

Use your cell phone to take photos of accidents, vehicles, and the resting position of your big rig and vehicle. If possible, take photos of the crash site and any skid marks or other marks. safely on the road

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Some of the most powerful evidence may come from independent witnesses to the accident. These are often fellow motorists who were in the area when the accident happened and witnessed it happen. It is important not to rely on incident investigators to record names and contact information of witnesses. Often, officials are more concerned with safety at the scene than in documenting independent witnesses.

If the truck driver talks to you about how the accident happened. It is important that you record those messages in video format on your smartphone. or by writing down what the driver said This could be something simple. Just like the driver said. “I didn’t see you. I’m sorry.”

Most of the time, after an 18-wheeler crash, the survivor is taken to the hospital by ambulance. Commercial vehicle accident victims should follow their doctor’s instructions to the letter. Don’t “complicate” or miss an appointment because your health and happiness may be at risk. Additionally, it’s important to understand that emergency rooms are for emergencies Many hospitals will not treat you for a condition that is not life-threatening. Even if you have to have surgery. The hospital will refer you to a specialist or your primary care doctor for follow-up.

The statute of limitations for filing a truck accident claim in Austin is two years from the date of the accident.

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It is important to speak with an attorney quickly to ensure your claim is filed before the deadline.

Yes, if you are partially at fault for an accident in Texas. You may still be able to recover compensation as long as your level of responsibility is less than 50%.

Under Texas law If you are found to be less than 50% at fault for the accident You may still be able to recover compensation for your damages. This is called comparative negligence.

Accident Attorney Austin Texas

Consult with an experienced truck accident attorney to evaluate the insurance company’s settlement offer. and consider whether the offer is fair or not.

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It is difficult to determine exactly how long your truck accident case will take to resolve, however, an experienced attorney can provide a better estimate of how long it will take based on factors such as the complexity of the case. and the insurance company’s willingness to negotiate.

Yes, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim if your loved one died in a trucking accident.

This type of claim can help you receive compensation for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost friendships, and other medical expenses. mental trauma and other damages

Yes, don’t believe your story.

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