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This website is designed to help you understand the complexities of trucking accident situations. and providing information to decide what to do next. The attorneys at Beltz Law Firm are experienced in handling the trucking industry and the challenges that arise when dealing with accidents caused by negligent 18-wheelers in Texas. Read the information below to see if we can help you. Through this onerous and expensive action to protect your legal rights and maximize the financial damages to which you may be entitled.

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Dallas

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Dallas

Our goal is to maximize the recovery to which you are entitled. Additionally, we cannot accept settlement offers. Without your express permission, it is a joint effort between you and the Beltz Law Firm to ensure that we take every opportunity to get you the money you deserve for your Texas trucking accident injuries. After reading our website, please call us at 214-321-4105 to see if we can help you.

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The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is one of the busiest trucking destinations in Texas. Thousands of trucking companies are located in Dallas and Fort Worth. Millions of 18-wheelers travel through the Texas metroplex each year. A small percentage of these trucks do not follow the laws that are put in place to protect you on the road. Many truck accidents can be avoided by taking common sense precautions. In many cases, we also noticed the negligence of the cargo transport companies. the truck driver or both contribute to injuries resulting from an 18-wheeler accident.

Because of the in-depth regulations of the trucking industry, there are many facts and statistics about the day-to-day operations of commercial trucking companies as a result. Want to see the latest data and statistics on truck crashes and truck crashes? Click on this facts and statistics link.

Believe it or not, regulation of the trucking industry dates back to the government’s efforts to regulate railroads in the late 1800s. The first formal legislation was passed in 1935 with the Act. Motor Carriers Regulating the trucking industry in Texas and elsewhere since 1935. The United States is so vast that more federal and state agencies, laws, and compliance standards regulate the commercial trucking industry than the industry itself. Want to learn more about trucking laws in the United States? Click on this Shipping Laws and Regulations link.

In the event of an 18-wheeler accident, the driver involved in a collision with a truck of this size will almost certainly be seriously injured. The types of injuries sustained by trucks are often more severe due to the force of impact caused by vehicles of this size. Types of injuries caused by truck accidents include broken bones, broken glass, and lacerations from metal. severe bruising Head injuries, brain contusions, spinal cord injuries, concussions, loss of limbs, amputations, severe disfigurement, burns or even death.

Causes Of Truck Wrecks

For our clients who deal with car accidents, the main concern centers on how to recover all the losses caused by this type of accident. There are many ways to recover through negotiation or litigation. There are also many types of damages that can be recovered. For a more in-depth discussion of the types of damages you may be able to recover. Click on this damage and compensation link.

It is important that you hire an attorney as soon as possible because some of the evidence that can help you prove trucking negligence in Texas can only be destroyed by the trucking company in a short period of time. accidents to the rescue. evidence that may otherwise be lost Our office understands that a thorough truck accident investigation is an important step in securing the maximum financial reward for our clients.

In addition, after the investigation of the accident, our office also has a good understanding of what caused the accident. If the cause of an 18-wheeler collision is unknown, you will avoid an accident. This needs to be established early and clearly so that the jury can understand how and why the accident happened. And it is known who is to blame for the truck accident. Want to read about some of the techniques our office uses in truck accident investigations? Click here to investigate the causes of an 18-wheeler truck accident in Dallas, Texas. 18-wheel trucks are the mainstay of transcontinental transportation in the United States. Freight forwarding agencies expect operators to work multiple days at a time. secure cargo with care. Not to mention the other drivers. around them Truck drivers are human and prone to error. Unfortunately, these mistakes can be fatal.

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Dallas

If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident, a Dallas attorney can help you recover. The Texas personal injury attorneys at Zinda Law Group can guide you through the process of filing a claim against the responsible party for your losses, and in turn, you can fight for comprehensive compensation.This is necessary for post-accident expenses.

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If you want to take legal action after a truck accident, you must do so within the time limits set forth in Section 16.003 of the Texas Code of Civil Practice and Remedies. These personal injury statutes of limitations are usually no more than two years to act for your losses. If you fail to file a claim within these two years, you may lose your right to Accident Compensation.

If you are dealing with serious injuries, how do you take legal action against a tortfeasor? You can contact an 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer in Dallas, Texas for help. Our team can calculate damages and assign liability for your costs while working with your doctor to restore your former quality of life.

Since you will be doing this within two years, the sooner you contact a lawyer, the better. But why work with a lawyer? Because Texas allows you to represent your interests in civil court?

The short answer is that truck accident cases often involve a lot of contract law. If you don’t know how to distinguish between independent contractors and employees. You may not be able to hold the relevant party responsible for your expenses.

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Moreover, if you are dealing with a serious injury it is difficult or impossible to investigate the negligence that led to the accident. Our attorneys can return to the scene of the accident while you recover. In addition, we rely on a large network of professionals to gather additional information about the compensation you deserve.

If you are not ready to take action, you can meet with an attorney and discuss their services without filing a case. Zinda Law Group welcomes trucking survivors to an attorney for a free, no-obligation consultation within weeks or months. After the first crash. These meetings allow us to get to know each other and plan a road map for recovery.

Who is responsible for the 18 wheeler truck accident? The answer depends on the evidence at the scene. Your Dallas 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer must present evidence of negligence. Being responsible for your expenses from companies to individuals if they want to host any party

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Dallas

However, the contract can also change who is responsible for your accident. For example, an independent truck driver will be responsible for any accident if he can prove he was negligent at the wheel. However, workplaces and trucking companies can hold employees liable.

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While investigating the cause of the accident, you may want to work with an attorney to consider how the contract affects your right to hold either party liable for traffic negligence.

Your 18-wheeler truck accident can cover you for both billable and nonbillable expenses. You must submit proof of the cost to be paid. From medical expenses to property restoration If you want to include these expenses in the total cost of your case.

Our team can rely on state standards to calculate the value of your uncollectible losses. This includes post-accident shock. emotional distress or pain and suffering We can discuss what costs are involved in your case during the initial assessment of the severity of the accident.

Once you have received the total amount of costs, you can re-apply for an assessment of the value of your case in private negotiations or open court proceedings.

Trucking Company Liability In Truck Accidents

There are several ways to reach a settlement after filing a personal injury claim. And all methods are unique.

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