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Texas Automobile Accident Attorney – When you search for a Houston car accident attorney on your mobile device, you will find many options for attorneys throughout the State of Texas. When deciding which attorney best suits your needs, the first thing to consider is your car accident victim rights. That is the core role of our law firm Charles J. Argento & Associates.

As your Houston car accident attorney, we will guide you in speaking with the negligent driver responsible for your car accident and your injuries with your insurance carrier, so you never have to represent them. We also keep your medical records, so the insurance company only has access to information related to your car injury.

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

Our Houston auto accident attorney will provide you with the legal information you need to have a successful financial outcome, so you can focus on the health care you need to get your life back on track. .

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The following accidents are some of the most common car accidents on our Texas roads. Called fender-benders, the crash is considered harmless and the crash is nothing more than a traffic stop.

Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Even if a negligent driver crashes into the vehicle in front of them at a low speed, serious injuries can occur.

Stroke injuries, head injuries, and neck and back injuries can cause long-term or long-term care that can result in expensive medical bills, time from work, even short-term or long-term.

The bigger question is, who pays these costs? How can you really survive, when the war is not your fault?

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In Texas, if you are rear-ended by a rear-end vehicle, it is your fault for a hit-and-run. Truth is not always truth.

Before Charles J. Argento & Associates can build a Houston car accident case against the person who caused your injuries, we need to prove a few things.

Texas’ roads are bad, and it ranks among the 20 worst cities in the country. When carelessness is added to changing driving patterns, people are seriously injured.

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

When we arrive, our Houston, Texas auto accident attorneys provide a strategic approach to producing results for our clients’ unique needs, so they can face their injuries with confidence.

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Idleness knows no bounds on our Houston roads. When drivers take their attention off the road, even for a moment, accidents can happen without warning.

Careless drivers are not the only cause of car accidents. Product liability defects such as defective tires, mechanical problems, brake failure, defective air bags, and auto parts recalls can all lead to accidents that cannot be covered by one. When that happens, our Houston product liability attorneys at Charles J. Argento & Associates can turn your personal injury case into a multi-party lawsuit to recover money.

Due to the carelessness of the driver, the distraction, and the failure to take proper care while operating the vehicle, various car accidents occur on our roads every day.

These accidents are very dangerous, especially when you swerve and try to avoid a collision with a reckless driver. Unfortunately, these crashes are not uncommon in Houston, as drivers are being issued with the law and driving or using the HOV lane during unauthorized hours.

Recovering Money For Lost Earnings After A Car Accident

If reckless drivers speed, tailgate, or simply ignore, they crash into the car in front of them at low and high speeds. These car accidents can cause serious injuries, even if the nature of the accident does not show significant damage to a vehicle.

Most car accidents are caused by improper driving. People often make illegal U-turns, take shortcuts on one-way streets in the wrong direction, or swerve into oncoming traffic during a traffic jam.

In a two-car, truck, or SUV collision, the injuries can be severe and require a long recovery time that can affect your overall quality of life, including your ability to work.

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

Not all car accidents involve drivers. With the popularity of ride-sharing vehicles, such as Uber and Lyft, and the rise of taxis competing for their business, more and more people are relying on other drivers to get them from point A to the B grade.

When *don’t* I Need A Lawyer After A Car Accident In Texas?

If any form of transport – including taxis and taxis – breaks down as a result of the driver’s negligence, your rights must be protected from the start, so the driver, company or insurance carrier is not liable. to manipulate the evidence in their favor. .

Our experienced attorneys at Charles J. Argento will provide you with the information you need to hold all parties accountable for your financial well-being.

When it comes to public transportation, bus drivers are held to a higher standard because they are responsible for the safety of many people who rely on their ability to take them to their places.

The bus collided with a passenger vehicle and the passengers of the vehicle were seriously injured. These cases have many layers, as the bus driver, the transportation company, and the City of Houston can all be blamed for the bus crash.

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Our Texas car accident attorneys at Charles J. Argento & Associates have the experience you need to connect with each responsible party in your pursuit of financial recovery, focusing on the best possible outcomes. in a joint decision or trial.

Although motorcyclists have very little protection in a crash, serious injuries can occur in a collision with a car, just as car drivers can be injured when a negligent motorcyclist crashes into their vehicle. If a motorcycle crashes into your car, don’t assume it’s your fault. Let our auto accident attorney work to keep all the evidence from your accident and tell the truth.

It’s no surprise that when a semi truck collides with a passenger car, the occupants of the smaller car are more likely to be injured.

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

In fact, 72% of all truck accidents involve people riding in another vehicle, because the size 18 wheel dominates the smaller passenger vehicle.

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If you have been involved in a semi-truck accident, contact our Houston truck accident attorney immediately after the accident at (713) 225-5050, so we can protect you from the truck driver, the trucking companies and their representatives. . together we can provide the best solution for your unique case.

Few things are as bad as the injuries sustained in a car accident involving a drunk driver in Houston.

Not only are drunk driving accidents preventable, but the level of carelessness in a drunk driver’s decision to get behind the wheel puts everyone at risk.

If you have been injured in an accident involving a drunk driver, we can help you hold the negligent party accountable for their illegal and reckless actions.

What To Do After A Car Accident: The Step By Step Guide

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there is a crash on our Texas roads every two hours and 21 minutes.

If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident in Texas, our Houston auto accident attorney can help you hold the negligent party responsible for your loss in civil court.

It is important to know that you have two years from the date of your loved one’s death to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent party. Our Houston auto accident attorneys will give you the compassionate support you need, so you can have time to really worry while we work through the details of your financial recovery.

Texas Automobile Accident Attorney

If someone is in an accident, how do they know they need a Houston car accident attorney?

What Should I Do After Being In A Rear End Accident In Texas?

If you have been injured, if you are in pain and need to see a doctor, I recommend that most people see a Houston motorcycle accident attorney. It’s important because you have to remember that insurance companies are one of the largest companies in America.

They do most of the advertising on TV, you know the insurance companies: the “Good Five”, “Mayhem” “Flo” people. They read like crazy and are in business to make money, not in business to make money. You need a car accident attorney who knows how to go out there, prove your case, and get you the money you deserve.

It is important for those involved in disputes not to deal with the insurance company itself. The reason for that is that the adjusters who work for the insurance company are trained to deny your claims and pay you the minimum amount due.

You need a Houston car accident attorney who understands the circumstances and what is needed, how to prove your case, and how to get you the most appropriate compensation. The best thing is to tell them you have it

Repairing Or Replacing Your Vehicle After An Accident In Texas

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