Social Distortion

Social Distortion – The band currently consists of Mike Ness (vocals, guitar), Johnny Wickersham (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Brett Harding (bass, backing vocals), David Hidalgo Jr. (drums) and David Kalish (keyboards).

Social Distortion wt went on hiatus in the mid-1980s when Ness’ drug addiction and run-ins with the law led to a two-year stint in various rehabs. After reforming, the band changed its style to country, blues, hard rock and early rock punk. The band’s line-up has undergone considerable changes since its inception, with Ness being the only permanent member. Forty-six years after the show, Social Distortion continues to tour and record music.

Social Distortion

Social Distortion

To date, Social Distortion has released several full-length studio albums, two compilation albums, a live album and two DVDs. They released two albums, Mommy’s Little Monster (1983) and Prison Bound (1988), before signing a three-album deal with Epic Records in 1989. Social Distortion rose to prominence with their 1990 third album, which featured the hit singles “Ball and Chain,” “Story of My Life” and a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” for which it was certified gold. RIAA.

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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (1992) was also critically acclaimed. Called a “hardcore Rolling Stone” by Steve Blasch,

The band, whose most recent studio albums are Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (2011), have spent over a decade working on new material for their upcoming eighth studio album.

Founded by Mike Ness in 1978, Social Distortion is inspired by the Sex Pistols and many other British punk bands, as well as rock bands such as the Rolling Stones. In addition to Ness on guitar and Casey Royer on drums, early members included bassist Mark Garrett and former Cal State Fullerton basketball player Tom Corwin on vocals.

Regarding the origins of the band’s name, Royer recalls, “When Mike was 15, he tried to play guitar but couldn’t. Social Distortion was named after my distortion pedal, and I asked Mike to play it because he wasn’t good at it.

Social Distortion Revisits Album, Tempe Concert 7/28

Their early music was composed with lyrics by Ness Royer and sometimes Corwin, and many songs were only performed a few times before being scrapped. After Corwin left for graduate school at Bob Jones University in the fall of 1979, Ness recruited his high school friend Dennis Dunnell to join the band as a guitarist, even though Dunnell had never played an instrument before. When Daniel was brought in, the other members left because they didn’t want to wait for him to learn.

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Before joining Adolescts in 1980, Royer and Agnew played with Garrett in an indie band called Social Distortion, with Royer on vocals, Garrett on bass, Rick Agnew on drums, and Frank Agnew and Tim Mag on guitars.

Social Distortion’s first live performance took place in early 1979 at the Cuckoo’s Nest nightclub in Plaktia Avu, Costa Mesa, California. For the next two decades, Ness and Dennell remained the only permanent members, with bass and drum members changing every few years. Adolescts’ song “Kids of the Black Hole” and Social Distortion’s “The Playp” both describe this period in the band’s history.

Social Distortion

Social Distortion’s first single ‘Mainliner’ b/w ‘Playp’ was released in 1981 by Posh Boy, the record label responsible for releasing many of their singles and tracks. album. . Local O.C. punk band.

Social Distortion’s Fall 2024 North American Tour

KROQ-FM’s Rodney Bingheimer, who was responsible for much of the early ’80s punk radio drama in Orange County, California, loved Social Distortion, who appeared on the compilation’s two singles, “1945.” , from Rodney ROQ. The same song also appeared on 1983’s Blood on ROQ and 1989’s The Best Of Rodney on ROQ’s compilation albums.

In 1982, the band, now consisting of Ness, Dannell (now on rhythm guitar), bassist Brett Lyles and drummer Derek O’Bree, joined other punk bands for their first two-country tour of the US and Canada. Youth brigade. The trip was told in the punk rock book Another State of Mind, which was only published in 1984.

After returning from the Another State of Mind tour in 1982, Social Distortion began work on their debut album, Mommy’s Little Monster. The album was recorded in December 1982 and released in early 1983 on the band’s own label, 13th Floor Records. “Mama’s Little Monster” contains the title track as well as the song “Another State of Mind” from the previous tour. The album “brought the band national fame in punk circles”.

Ness said on his Disco DVD that when he returned to California after the tour, he actually had no place to stay, so he took whatever couch he wanted. The book tells how he fell into a serious drug addiction and became addicted to heroin for weeks. In 1983, Lyles and Aubrey left the band midway through a New Year’s Eve show, and were quickly replaced by Ness High School student John Maurer and a guy named Bob Stubbs. This lineup only lasted a short time until Christopher Reese joined on drums.

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Wayward Q&a: Mike Ness Of Social Distortion

Ness’s drug habit continued throughout 1984 and 1985, and the band continued to find success with Another State of Mind appearing as one of MTV’s Punk Rare shows and touring California and Arizona. Social Distortion went on a short hiatus in 1985 due to Ness’ drug addiction and run-ins with the law. During this time, Ness was in various rehabilitation centers and prisons.

In 1986, when Ness completed a drug rehabilitation program, social distortions resurfaced. The band released their second album, Prison Bound, two years later in 1988 – more than five years after their debut. The album features John Maurer on bass and Christopher Rees on drums. Although “Prison Bound” never charted on Billboard, the title track received significant airplay on Los Angeles radio station KROQ-FM.

“Prison Bound” marked a significant stylistic shift, taking on a distinctly country/western flavor and marking the beginning of the band’s transition into a small rock band sometimes referred to as “cowboy punk”. During this period, country rocker Johnny Cash and the honky-tonk style of the Rolling Stones significantly influenced Social Distortion’s music. Cash and Stone are mentioned in the songs “Prison Bound” and “On My Nerves”.

Social Distortion

The multi-year gap between albums became a model of social distortion. Ness admitted in a 2003 interview that it was a little behind the times from a marketing standpoint to get songs out to fans years before they were recorded, but they had always done a good job. “We knew before recording which songs would be fan favorites on the album.

Social Distortion *sold Out

After the release of “Prison Bound”, Social Distortion left Restless Records and signed with Epic. In the summer and fall of 1989, the band returned to the studio with producer Dave Jared to begin recording their third album, which was released in 1990. This is the first Social Distortion album not financed by the band.

The album included the singles “Ball and Chain” and “Story of My Life” and a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. The self-titled album was the band’s first to enter the Billboard 200.

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Mom’s Little Monsters and Prison outsold Mom’s Little Monsters and Prison Break and is widely regarded as Social Distortion’s best-known song, with sales still growing 34 years after its release. It is also sometimes called one of the best rock albums of 1990 – the album is said to have “broken the line between rock ‘n’ roll and Ramones-style punk”.

The band’s fourth album “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” was released in 1992. The album contained two hits: “Bad Luck” and “Wh She Begins”. “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell” was more popular than any of their previous albums. The album’s sound is similar to its previous album of the same name, said to be a fusion of “punk, blues, country and rock and roll”.

Social Distortion With Special Guest: The Bell Rays, Friday, October 11th, 2024 At 8pm, The Paramount, 370 New York Ave. Huntington, Ny 11743

After the release of this album, drummer Christopher Rees left Social Distortion in 1994 and was replaced by Randy Carr. Carl toured with the band and played live drums until 1995 when he left.

After the release of the movie Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, the band took a break again and did not return to the studio until 1995.

During this time, Social Distortion released the compilation album Mainliner: Wreckage From the Past (1995), which included outtakes from “Little Monster Before Mama”. It features two versions of “1945” and “Playp” from two independent labels, 13th Floor and Posh Boy, as well as a cover version of “Under My Thumb” by the Rolling Stones.

Social Distortion

In 1995, he returned to the studio to record “White Light, White Heat, White Trash”, which was released in 1996.

Greatest Hits Vinyl

The single “I Was Wrong” received extensive radio airplay and is said to have “more of a classic sound than any other track on the album”.

The album also features the single “Wh the Angels Sing”, which is said to be

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