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Social Catfish – Social Catfish has a rating of 2.89 stars out of 66 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Reviewers who complain about Social Catfish most often mention reverse image issues. Social Catfish ranks #243 among Business Other sites.

I discovered the guy I just started having feelings for and my son felt my own safety, I should have checked who the hell he was and thank god confirmed him as a scammer! It saved me a lot of headaches. Thanks sociacatfish! I love you all. I only canceled because I don’t need their services anymore, but I’ll be happy to come back if I ever meet someone I’m interested in. But I’m not likely to. So I went ahead and parted ways, but if I ever need them again, I’ll be back. Thank you!

Social Catfish

Social Catfish

Using this app, I had to refresh twice to see what I was looking for. And indeed I fell asleep. However, I immediately canceled my subscription and told why I found what I was looking for. They billed me a monthly premium about 10 days later and stated it was because I didn’t cancel all 3 subscriptions. Why? I only have one account if I have to cancel 3 times

State Of Internet Scams 2022

I went to Social Catfish to check on a person who cheated on me. Unfortunately, I was a victim of their own sites scam.

After paying a $5.99 fee for one search, they charged me twice. Then they proceeded to pay me again twice for the Subscription

They went to shit. Twice I tried to sign up and both times they took my money and they won’t let me log in.

I contacted there customer service and they were no help. We had this before but now they just want your money and that’s it. Find another app.

Social Catfish Helps Assure Online Daters The Singles They Meet Are Authentic

Don’t bother wasting your time. And don’t give them your email, you won’t get results, you’ll pay them a lot of money.

They don’t let you do a free search before signing up. They will want your money before they give you results and after they get your email so they can spam you. Very disappointed when I look at these guys on YouTube, they seem so legit and honest. Rate it, but I can’t give you a single $#* free email search!

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It will initially say you have a lot of matches for your online content – then when you pay, it magically becomes zero matches. I even used someone who does modeling and advertising and socialcatfish couldn’t even find the exact same model photo that was on the first page of google images. The site is a waste of money and refuses to give refunds despite not providing services.

Social Catfish

This site is absolute garbage. These people are the sleep you should watch out for. I couldn’t get the data I was looking for to find someone; when i tried to cancel before the trial ended they still charged me for the full subscription and refuse to refund me even though i clearly stopped using them as soon as i got. he saw that it was useless. Don’t waste your money on these idiots when you try to call to get a refund, the first thing that comes up is a recording that automatically talks about cancellation. But you never talk to anyone. This is a scam and I will report to the better business office. You are idiots and should be ashamed of yourself

How Much Does Social Catfish Cost? (prices Explained)

The site itself is a scam, I paid for a subscription but couldn’t access any services on the site, when I contacted them to check, tgey said they couldn’t find my credentials even though they owed money for two times! The emails I get from customer service are repetitive and ask the same questions every time and scroll back! Total scam, I don’t know how to get my money back or how to stop them from debiting my account!

This is a total scam service! Please don’t waste your breath here, they charge you for nothing and the results are pathetic

I paid a report 3 times and was told to wait up to 24 hours and I checked with my bank and they took my money 3 times what the hell is going on with this. I’m very $#*!ty and don’t know that I’d use them again, be careful and if you don’t need your report soon. Could it work for you?

Nicht verkleinern und die anderen auch nicht so good wie viel verdient ein kranke Analytik zu sein und das krik

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Youtube Catfish Series Casting People Looking For The Truth About An Online Relationship

Whenever you go on a date or meet someone. Check who they really are and anything they might be hiding. It could save your life and social fishing really helped me. Fast and highly accurate details available in minutes!

I love them. They figured out that the guy I wanted to be involved with after 16 years of not dating was probably a good idea considering who to trust these days. They found him and identified him as a con man with several aliases. So helpful. They saved me from a big mistake. Thank you!

Don’t waste your time and money, they never get anything done and no matter what subscription you pay, it’s never enough, they always hit you for more money so you don’t see the extra information they claim to have.

Social Catfish

Don’t believe any of the positive reviews you read, I guarantee they are written by employees or people who are hired to say good things about this rib company.

Jj Hayes, David Mcclellan And Social Catfishing

I have to say this site can be frustrating and yes they definitely charge extra even after paying the monthly fee, I have the bank statements and search history to prove it. That being said, it is a site to warn about potential “sleep” so it goes without saying that they would sink you for money just like they would a sleep. After all, they say people start to look like their dogs after a while.

Paid the initial trial fee which should have unlocked all search options like criminals, companies, etc. and it doesn’t unlock anything. Already beaten for more money. I will ask for my money back, there are other much better sites like Truth Finder which opens up all the resources for you. NOW I know what the youtube videos are about, it leads to this broken search engine that doesn’t work unless you pay loads for a permanent level of searches. No, thanks!

Totally useless site, save your money! I ran a background check on MYSELF, a friend, and then the person I was interested in doing. All the information I got was basically; known phone numbers and possible addresses, nothing else! NO other info or pictures even though all 3 of us have been on dating sites for over a year? I was able to find the same information using the online phone book.

It takes forever for this site to get anything up. You spend more time waiting than receiving information.

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Social Catfish Opt Out Guide [11 Quick Steps

Here’s a quick fix. Just use a reverse image search app. Done in less than 5 seconds. It will tell you everything you want to know. No charge, no waiting. Just finished.

The human brain works faster than sleep. Sleep spends more time looking for the joke instead of just saying it’s a joke. Find the reverse image now. You decide.

Paid to get details on info I found on google search…didn’t even get the info I found on fkng google then asked to pay more to get FREE info and told me the only way to cancel is to call US (14 – ). 15 hours diff.)… all just to try to look up my own name (very rare), trying to find who is using my identity so I can prove it’s not me!

Social Catfish

Nothing I couldn’t get for free from a basic internet search… but PAID to get more detailed information than a basic name and alias search.

Social Catfish Reverse Image Search: Explore The Digital World

They charged my card twice for the same service on the same day. Then after I canceled they canceled my debit card again this time for almost $30! Put my money back on my card and I lose my name!

I uploaded a picture before signing in. The site showed 39 results from that image. I was directed to pay for 3 attempts so I did. When I logged in to see my results, to my surprise there were “0 matches”. I was then encouraged to pay $15.99 for another feature that would “get the results” of my search. Then they have 3 bars for low, medium and high risk. However, a new page showed me that my search was “low risk”, stating that the image I uploaded was found on a “website with adult content”. So another popup appeared to continue adding or opening “features”. Don’t waste your time and money. You will find better results on other sites, this is certainly not one of them.

Social Group promised the best facial

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