Do Car Dealerships Offer Military Discounts?

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In 2023, the answer to this question is a resounding yes! Many car dealerships offer discounts to military personnel, veterans and their families as a way to thank them for their service and sacrifice. Many of these discounts are offered through the manufacturer’s own military discount program or through special offers by individual dealerships.

Types of Military Discounts

The types of military discounts available from car dealerships vary, but they generally include discounts on the purchase price, discounts on financing, and discounts on parts and service. For example, some dealerships offer a flat discount off the purchase price, while others offer a percentage discount that increases with the amount of the purchase. Some dealerships even offer special financing for military personnel who are purchasing a vehicle.

How to Find Military Discounts

The best way to find out if a dealership offers military discounts is to ask. Most dealerships are proud to advertise their discounts and will often post them on their website or in the showroom. You can also contact the dealership directly and ask if they offer any military discounts. Many dealerships also have a special section on their website specifically dedicated to military discounts.

How to Use Military Discounts

Using military discounts is easy. All you have to do is show proof of military service, such as a valid ID or other form of identification. Some dealerships also require you to sign a form or provide additional documentation to qualify for a military discount. Once you have provided the necessary documentation, the dealership will then apply the discount to your purchase.

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Other Benefits of Military Discounts

In addition to getting discounts on the purchase price, financing, and parts and services, military personnel may also be eligible for other benefits. For example, some dealerships offer special financing rates for military personnel, and some may even waive certain fees. Additionally, some dealerships will provide exclusive offers for military personnel, such as free oil changes or free tire rotations. Be sure to ask the dealership about any additional benefits they may offer.

Advantages of Military Discounts

Military discounts are a great way for military personnel to save money on their car purchases. These discounts can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars off the purchase price of a car, which can make a huge difference when it comes to financing a new vehicle. Additionally, the savings from military discounts can help offset the cost of any other associated fees, such as registration and taxes.

Drawbacks of Military Discounts

The biggest drawback of military discounts is that they may not always be available. Many dealerships offer military discounts, but they may not always advertise them. Additionally, some dealerships may not offer military discounts on certain models, so it’s important to check with the dealership first. Additionally, some dealerships may limit the amount of the discount they offer, so it’s important to ask about any restrictions.


In 2023, many car dealerships offer military discounts to recognize and honor the service of military personnel and their families. These discounts can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars off the purchase price of a car, making it easier for military personnel to finance a new vehicle. However, it’s important to check with the dealership first to make sure that the discount is available and to find out any restrictions that may apply.

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