A Look Into The Future Of Combat Vehicles

Polish company unveils the new Anders armored fighting vehicle
Polish company unveils the new Anders armored fighting vehicle from defence-blog.com

As we move into the future, new technologies are being developed in order to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of combat vehicles. With advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomous systems, the use of combat vehicles is becoming increasingly sophisticated. In this article, we’ll take a look at the current and future state of combat vehicles, and what technologies will shape the way they are used in the future.

Current Combat Vehicles

Combat vehicles are a mainstay of modern armed forces, and their effectiveness has proven to be essential in many military operations. From tanks and armored personnel carriers to infantry fighting vehicles and artillery, combat vehicles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and are used for a variety of purposes. Many of these vehicles are equipped with advanced electronic and computer systems, as well as advanced weaponry such as guided missiles, lasers, and even anti-tank weapons. These vehicles are used for a variety of tasks, ranging from reconnaissance and surveillance to direct combat operations.

Future Combat Vehicles

The future of combat vehicles is set to be even more advanced and capable than they are today. As technology advances, many of the features of current combat vehicles are set to become even more sophisticated and efficient. For example, autonomous systems are set to become increasingly common on combat vehicles, allowing them to operate without the need for human operators. In addition, advanced sensors and artificial intelligence systems will enable these vehicles to detect and identify targets more quickly and accurately, while advanced weapons systems will enable them to more effectively engage targets.

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Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant advances in combat vehicle technology is the use of artificial intelligence. AI systems are being incorporated into combat vehicles in order to provide them with the ability to identify and target threats more quickly and accurately. These systems can also be used to automate certain tasks, such as navigation and target acquisition, freeing up the operators to focus on more complex tasks. In addition, AI systems are being used to create autonomous combat vehicles, which can operate completely independently of human operators.


Robotics is another area where combat vehicle technology is advancing rapidly. Robotic combat vehicles are being developed which are able to carry out tasks autonomously, without the need for human operators. These robots are equipped with advanced sensors and artificial intelligence systems, allowing them to process data more quickly and accurately than humans. In addition, robotic combat vehicles can be equipped with advanced weapons systems, allowing them to more effectively engage targets.

Networked Combat Vehicles

Networked combat vehicles are another area of advancement in combat vehicle technology. These vehicles are linked together via a wireless network, allowing them to share data and coordinate their actions. This type of system allows for increased situational awareness and improved decision-making, as the vehicles can communicate with each other to better identify and target threats. In addition, these systems allow for increased coordination between different types of vehicles, allowing them to act as a single unit.

Unmanned Combat Vehicles

Unmanned combat vehicles are another type of combat vehicle that is becoming increasingly common. These vehicles are remotely operated by human operators, allowing them to be used in situations where a human presence would be too dangerous or impractical. Unmanned combat vehicles are also equipped with advanced sensors and weapons systems, allowing them to effectively engage targets without endangering the safety of the human operators. In addition, these vehicles are more cost-effective than their manned counterparts, and can be deployed in a much shorter time frame.

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As technology advances, the capabilities of combat vehicles are increasing at an unprecedented rate. Artificial intelligence, robotics, and networked combat vehicles are all set to revolutionize the way combat vehicles are used in the future. By incorporating these technologies into their vehicles, armed forces will be able to conduct operations more effectively and efficiently, while also reducing the risk to human operators. As we move further into the future, it is likely that combat vehicles will become even more advanced and capable, allowing them to be used in ever more complex and dangerous operations.

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